I Spy Bottle

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Picture this:
*You're out to coffee with a close friend, and your child is playing quietly so you can enjoy catching up.
*You're cooking dinner and your kids are working together quietly, taking turns, laughing and having fun.
*You're waiting at the doctor's office and your child doesn't ask to see your phone.

Sound too good to be true? Not with the Essential I spy bottle! 

This bottle features high quality, interesting trinkets that your kids will be excited to look for. Not a single penny, paperclip or safety pin in sight.

It also features a laminated card with pictures and names of trinkets, so that your child can find the trinkets again and again.

A mini dry erase marker is also included, so the fun can start right away. No searching for the right kind of marker, or discovering that your dry erase markers are all dried out.

The Essential I spy bottle also comes in a variety of rice colors, so that you can create the perfect bottle for your little learner. White rice makes it easy to find the trinkets, while the rainbow or single color rice makes it more of a challenge. 

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