Blocks and Beads

Fine motor skills are precursors to writing and are critical for self help skills.

By practicing picking up, manipulating, and exercising the small muscles in the palm of the hand you are actually enabling children to gain control and strength while coloring, drawing, cutting, and forming letters or writing when age appropriate. 

In developing fine motor skills, children are able to bathe themselves independently, brush their own teeth and hair, and dress themselves.

Talk about self esteem boosters! Have you ever heard a child exclaim "I did it all by myself!"? A child who struggles with fine motor development, in contrast, may become easily frustrated with academic tasks, as well as have more limited play options.

The use of fine motor materials, such as stacking blocks and lacing beads, leads to critical thinking and problem solving skills, and higher self esteem. Your child is sure to have a blast playing with these activities and will be developing important skills without even knowing it.