The Essential with Rainbow Rice

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Picture this:
*You're out to coffee with a close friend, and your child is playing quietly so you can enjoy catching up.
*You're cooking dinner and your kids are working together quietly, taking turns, laughing and having fun.
*You're waiting at the doctor's office and your child doesn't ask to see your phone.

Sound too good to be true? Not with the Essential I spy bottle! 

*This bottle features high quality, interesting trinkets that your kids will be excited to look for. Not a single penny, paperclip or safety pin in sight.

*It also features a laminated card with pictures and names of all 20 trinkets, so that your child can find the trinkets again and again. Trinkets may vary from those pictured here, but you will always receive a bottle with 20 high quality trinkets in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. 

*A mini dry erase marker is also included, so the fun can start right away. No searching for the right kind of marker, or discovering that your dry erase markers are all dried out.

*This toy is non gender specific, making it a great gift for any child on your list. Please note that although the bottle lid is securely glued on, this item is intended for children 3 and up.

*All of my items meet CPSC safety requirements so you can be confident that you are providing a safe item for your child to play with.

*Bottles measure about 8.5 inches tall and 2.25 inches in diameter, making them just the right size for little hands. They are also small enough to stash in a backpack or purse so that you always take the fun with you.

*No batteries or charging cables needed, making this the perfect thing to occupy your child on an airplane, in church, while you're out to eat or waiting for a doctor's appointment.

*These bottles feature a variety of learning opportunities so that you can foster concentration, language, cooperation, hand eye coordination and visual acuity. And, you're doing it all through authentic play!

*The Essential I spy bottle also comes in a variety of rice colors, so that you can create the perfect bottle for your little learner. White rice makes it easy to find the trinkets, while the rainbow or single color rice makes it more of a challenge. 

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fun travel toy

I bought this for my nephew. He and his family travel a good bit and I thought this would be a good toy for him. His parents were impressed with the packaging, the shipping was quick and the toy is great. He will enjoy hours of play with it and his mom pointed out that you can try to find the red items, or find them in a pattern on the attached card or any other methods to kind of mix it up or make it more challenging. This was a great investment!