Rainbow sorting bowls

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This set of ten sorting bowls and sorting circles is the perfect tool to make learning easy! Most sorting bowls come in sets of six, but I've added another four colors for you to explore with your child. If your child is just learning their colors, focus on just a few bowls and keep adding colors until your little one is sorting and matching colors like a pro!

This set includes one bowl in each of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, white and black.

I've also included a set of sorting circles. Use this set of ten sorting circles to work on colors, sorting and language development. Or for your older children, help build their creative skills by picking one or two circles and start a story using the items stamped on the circles you picked. 

Circles are 1.5 inches in diameter, hand stamped and colored using markers and non toxic acrylic paint. Then each piece is lightly sealed with a food grade mineral oil and beeswax finish.

These bowls are also great for stacking and balancing. This set makes a great gift for your favorite preschool child!

This set comes with a cotton drawstring bag, making it easy to take with you out to eat, to the doctor's office, to the airport.  So unplug and take a moment to play. You and your child will be happy that you did!

My products draw from reality-focused principles of the Montessori philosophy, which help you teach your child math, language, literacy and pre reading skills. As well as from the beauty of creative and imaginative play that is cornerstone to the Waldorf philosophy, giving you the opportunity to educate your “whole child”, and have fun doing it!