Chalkboard peg dolls

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This wooden peg doll family is hand painted with chalkboard paint so your little one can decorate them however they want over and over. You can use them to teach upper and lower letter matching by writing the uppercase letter on one big peg doll and have your little one write the lowercase letter on one of the small ones. Or use them to practice addition and subtraction math facts. These are a great tool for language development as well! Have your little one decorate them and then tell stories together.

Mom and Dad peg dolls measure approximately 3 inches tall
Little boy measures approximately 2.5 inches tall
Little girl measures just under 2 inches tall

If you don't see a family configuration that suits your needs, message me and I'll create the perfect family just for you!

Complete with a cloth drawstring bag, these dolls are perfect for dining out, traveling, waiting at appointments or catching up with friends over coffee.

Please supervise all play, because let's face it, it's FUN!

My products draw from reality-focused principles of the Montessori philosophy, which help you teach your child math, language, literacy and pre reading skills. As well as from the beauty of creative and imaginative play that is cornerstone to the Waldorf philosophy, giving you the opportunity to educate your “whole child”, and have fun doing it!