About Us

Melody Johnson, Owner

Melody strives to create a childhood for her children that is full of fun, creativity and learning, the 'old fashioned' way... before technology took over. She knows her kids won't remember what games they played on a phone or tablet, but they'll never forget making up stories using peg dolls, or learning about numbers using one of her counting boxes.

As a stay at home mom with a degree in Early Childhood Education, Melody uses her educational background as well as her experience with her kids to create fun and educational materials. 

Her products draw from reality-focused principles of the Montessori philosophy, which help you teach your child math, language, literacy and pre reading skills. As well as from the beauty of creative and imaginative play that is cornerstone to the Waldorf philosophy, giving you the opportunity to educate your “whole child”, and have fun doing it!

Melody is proud to say that Wonder's Journey meets all CPSC safety requirements.


Bug, Product Tester

Bug is a 2nd grade, soccer playing, student council rep who specializes in testing all peg dolls. She has been known to suggest product tweaks to make matching games even better than originally designed.



Monster, Product Tester

Monster is a spirited, friendly, music loving three year old. He specializes in color matching materials, play mats and has recently started testing peg dolls, especially astronauts, knights and dragons.