Montessori wooden egg and cup puzzle

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This beautifully hand painted Montessori Egg and Cup puzzle will keep your inquisitive toddler busy learning and playing. Children can work on color matching eggs to the color painted on the inside of the egg stands. Eggs have a flat bottom to help keep them from rolling away during play time. They measure approximately 2.5 inches high by themselves and are approximately 3.5 when placed inside the stand.

Each egg and cup are careful hand painted with a non toxic acrylic paint with a durable satin finish. Although all materials are non toxic, this is not intended as a teething toy for children who are still exploring their world orally. 

This Wonder's Journey exclusive is made from heirloom quality materials, so that your child can enjoy playing with this set at all stages of their childhood. 

Each set comes with a drawstring bag, so that you can keep all of the pieces together or easily take it with you for on the go fun.

All items meet CPSC safety requirements so you can be confident that you are providing a safe item for your child to play with. 

Please supervise all play, because let's face it, it's FUN!