Wooden fill and spill set

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This wooden box and wooden disc set contains everything your child needs to develop a variety of skills!

The wooden box and 2 inch wooden coins are perfect for building object permanence, and practice filling and spilling.

Each disc is hand stamped with a familiar image on one side, and a solid color painted on the other. Use these discs for learning colors, developing language, following directions, counting... the possibilities are endless!

Let your child explore the materials and see what they come up with on their own. Will the box become a hiding place for the turtle? A gift box containing a cupcake for you? A noise maker that they love to shake?

All wooden pieces are hand sanded, and then lightly rubbed with a food grade mineral oil and beeswax mixture to protect it, as well as bring out each piece's natural beauty.

This set comes with a cotton drawstring bag, making it easy to take with you out to eat, to the doctor's office, to the airport. 

My products draw from reality-focused principles of the Montessori philosophy, which help you teach your child math, language, literacy and pre reading skills. As well as from the beauty of creative and imaginative play that is cornerstone to the Waldorf philosophy, giving you the opportunity to educate your “whole child”, and have fun doing it!